Making Pizza with the Kids

Making pizza with kids is great fun and really easy. All you need are a few essentials prepared:

Here's how we got on making pizza dough and pizzas with two of our little bundles of fun.

Pizza Dough

First, we needed some dough. our budding pizzaiolo followed one of our dough recipes to make a big batch. Then dad got involved to show him some kneading and rolling techniques to get that perfect dough ball.

Fun flour mess

There's got to be a bit of mess...

Knead the dough well

He mastered kneading like a pro and loved it!

Roll the dough balls

Trolling portions of dough into tight dough balls was a little bit trickier to master, but with a helping hand, he got there.

Into Babadoh to prove

Then all the dough balls were popped into babadoh to prove.

Easy peasy and great fun.

Making the Pizza

After the dough was nicely proved, it was time for little sister to step in and make herself a tasty margherita pizza.

Stretch out the base

After a little bit of guidance, we have a lovely round pizza base.

Top with pizza sauce

Easy peasy to spread tomato sauce around.

Sprinkle the cheese

No supervision needed here either.

Cook up the pizza

The one job for an adult to take care of.

kid friendly pizza toppings

letting the kids top their own pizza is a great way to get them interested in ingredients they might otherwise run a mile from. if you have a fussy eater in your house, pizza making might be the magic bullet to getting them to try new things. line up a few colourful babadohs full of different toppings for them to choose from.

our little guys' favourites are a classic margherita, pepperoni and ham&pineapple. here are a few other ideas to pack some vegetables into their bellies.

  • peppers - brightly coloured, and nice and sweet when cooked. try roasting them first for extra sweetness.
  • broccoli - think of the spears as little mini trees.
  • pesto - blobs of bright green herby deliciousness. perfect with chicken pieces.
  • grated carrot

don't forget, it can't always be about vegetables. treat them to a naughty nutella pizza for dessert.

and most importantly...


that's it. making pizza with the kids was genuinely that easy. don't be daunted and have some fun.

share your kids pizza creations on instagram, facebook, twitter and tag #babadohkids. we'd love to see what they get up to.

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