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For the Love of Dough

We take pride in our mission to help pizza enthusiasts perfect their dough. Our goal is to ensure you have a great time while enjoying delicious pizza. That's why we created Babadoh – a cosy little nest to snuggle your dough balls as they rise to greatness. No more stress, no more fuss. Instead, the ultimate pizza-making experience where every step is a slice of heaven. 

babadoh was designed for this

The secret to proofing perfect pizza dough balls

Do you get frustrated when scooping dough balls from a larger proofing tray? Maybe they stick together and lose their plumpness? Babadoh is the ultimate solution to your dough ball woes.

Babadoh is shaped to hug individual dough balls during proofing, keeping them snug and round while offering the ideal environment to rise, ensuring an optimal fermentation. No more sticky situations.

Made from flexible silicone that allows each proofed dough ball to effortlessly slip out while keeping its shape and preserving all the air created during proofing. Wave goodbye to wonky and flat dough balls.

To keep your dough babies safe and sound, each Babadoh comes with a lid which is intentionally loose-fitting, allowing gas to escape during proofing while preventing the dough from drying out.

Light weight and stackable, Babadoh is a space-saving champ.

Not to mention the delicious range of colours you can choose from to add some pizzazz to your kitchen.

Frozen dough pucks

Your versatile kitchen hero

Pop leftover dough balls in the freezer and let them snuggle in their Babadoh bed while freezing and defrosting, holding their plump round shape. Plus you can chill and freeze batch cooked meals, soups and stocks.

Organise toppings when cooking up a pizza storm, then stack them up in the fridge for another day.

Organise toppings
Party snacks

Pizza party

A set of 6 original Babadohs fit perfectly in a Babadoh Tray.

Pack up dough balls and your favourite toppings to easily transport your pizza party to the great outdoors. Or fill Babadoh with snacks and treats to party in style.

Takeaway pizza