How Does Babadoh Help You Create the Perfect Pizza Dough?

babadoh was designed for this

The secret to proofing perfect pizza dough balls

Discover the many amazing perks of Babadoh:

  • Each dough ball gets its own cosy container to rise in, so no more sticky messes.
  • Say goodbye to wonky or flat dough balls. Babadoh holds them in a plump round shape.
  • Freeze and defrost dough balls without worrying about them losing their shape.
  • With a non-stick and flexible design, releasing dough balls is a breeze.
  • Keep your dough fresh and protected with a loose-fitting lid.
  • Light weight and stackable, Babadoh is a space-saving champ.
  • Made to last, you can use Babadoh over and over again for any purpose you like.
  • Designed to fit the Babadoh Tray.
  • Choose from a range of fun
    and chic colours to add some pizzazz to your kitchen.
but there's more

Your kitchen hero

Babadohs are not just great for proofing dough balls. They also double as handy food storage containers.

Pop any leftover dough balls in the freezer and let them snuggle in their Babadoh bed while freezing and defrosting, holding their plump round shape.

Organise your toppings when cooking up a pizza storm, then stack them up in the fridge for another day.

Plus you can chill and freeze batch cooked meals, soups and stocks, scramble eggs in the microwave and bake perfect bread loaves, mini sponges and saucy puddings in the oven.

The possibilities are endless.

Adventure everywhere

Pizza party

A set of 6 original Babadohs fit perfectly in a 400 x 300mm tray.

Pack up some dough balls and toppings, and easily transport your pizza party to the great outdoors.  Or fill Babadoh with snacks and treats to party in style.

Food Grade Silicone

We put our safety hats on to make sure Babadohs are safe for use by performing food contact material tests that make sure no nasties slip into your food under different testing conditions.

There are two main standards for silicone food contact material testing: FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) and LFGB (Lebensmittel, Bedarfsgegenstande und Futtermittelgesetzbuch or for the non German speakers, Foods, Consumer Goods and Feedstuffs Code). Europe also has more regulations (1935/2004/EC) keeping a watchful eye on food contact materials in Europe.

If you're wondering which standard is the toughest nut to crack, it's the LFGB testing. We went the extra mile and chose LFGB certified silicone for Babadoh. So, whether you're proofing dough balls or doing something else with Babadoh, you can rest assured they are safe.