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How to Use Babadoh

Make your dough

The first step is to make your dough.

Follow our recipe for a 24-hour cold fermentation blended dough.

Or a quicker 12-hour room temperature proved dough recipe.

When the first prove is complete, you are ready to go.

Prepare your dough balls

To prep your dough balls accurately, you will need kitchen scales, a dough scraper or large knife, and a clean work surface.

  1. Weigh the bulk proved dough and record the total weight.
  2. Calculate how many dough balls you can prep.
    Let's say you have 1.5kg dough. Babadoh is designed for a dough ball weight of 250g, so you could get 6 x 250g balls from your 1500g of dough.
  3. Using your dough scraper or knife, cut off a piece of dough and weigh. Add more if you're short of your target weight, or cut off a bit if you are over.
  4. Roll the dough into a ball by pulling the edges of the dough towards the centre and pinching them together. repeat until you have a lovely, smooth ball.

Prepare Babadoh

  1. Prepare a 50:50 mix of flour and semolina and roll each dough ball in the mix.
  2. Place each dough ball gently into a Babadoh.
  3. Put the lids on. Babadoh's snug fitting lid helps retain the dough ball moisture, but is not fixed so all the CO2 gas from fermentation can escape.
  4. Stack up the Babadohs in a cosy spot or in the fridge, depending on your recipe.

Make your perfect pizza base

When the dough balls are nicely proved in Babadoh, prepare a pile of flour on your worktop or in a bowl. Remove the lid from a Babadoh, and turn it upside down over the flour. The dough ball will plop into the flour bath.

Cover the dough ball in flour, then shake off the excess flour and stretch and shape your pizza base.

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