Can You Freeze Pizza Dough?

There are many ideas around how to freeze pizza dough balls. Some enthusiasts say it’s best to freeze straight after balling up. Others knock the air out of proved dough balls before freezing.

We've used Babadoh to freeze and defrost many leftover dough balls with great results. Want to know how to do it our way? Follow these simple instructions.

How to freeze pizza dough balls in Babadoh 

  • Make lots and lots of pizza dough. If you're looking for a good recipe, check out our easy pizza dough recipes.
  • Ball up your dough and prove each ball in an individual Babadoh pizza dough container, covered with the lid.
  • Cook until everyone’s face is full of pizza.
  • Place any Babadoh containers with left over pizza dough balls in the freezer, making sure each lid is snugly in place.
  • The dough balls will freeze overnight into perfect Babadoh shaped dough pucks.
  • At this point, you can use Babadoh's amazing flexibility to peel it back and remove each frozen dough 'puck'. This means you can free your Babadoh containers for another handy use (our kids love to eat their cereal from them!)
  • Stockpile the frozen dough pucks in a freezer bag until you feel like more pizza. 

How to defrost frozen pizza dough balls in Babadoh

  • Grab a Babadoh container and give it a light rub or spray with olive oil.
  • Take your frozen dough puck and slot it back into Babadoh bed, covering with the lid.
  • You can defrost at room temperature for approximately 8-10 hours but if there's time, we prefer to defrost overnight in the fridge before bringing the dough ball to room temperature for around 3-4 hours before cooking.
  • When it's time to cook, you'll have plump round dough balls ready for pizza.

Some folks prefer to buy ready made frozen pizza dough balls (We love Great Balls of Flour). We've used them ourselves for a last minute pizza night. Before Babadoh, we found some shop bought frozen dough could be a bit sticky and didn't always hold a good shape when defrosting in a flat bed. defrosting in Babadoh helps to hold the dough ball in a plump round shape.

There you have to freeze and defrost pizza dough balls in Babadoh.

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